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  1. Angelos Frentzos x Michael Bevilacqua

    Close your eyes and imagine a fashion collection in which the designs have been directly inspired by art. Now open them and prepare to be amazed. Talented Greek fashion designer Angelos Frentzos’ projects have seen him collaborating with different leading contemporary artists on each seasonal collection. After the Dutch artist Marc Bijl, the Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee and a collaboration with the Dover Street Market/DSM Ginza Storecurated by 2Palms Ltd Editions, his latest capsule collection is now inspired by revered New York based artist Michael Bevilacqua. The result is Project Frentzos 4, a limited collection of only 100 pieces, produced exclusively for the boutique Antonioli in Milano, Italy.

    This is a bold and iconic collection, inspired by Michael Bevilacqua’s work - an incorporation of goth and pop culture, symbols and iconic imagery as a visual diary  inspired by life growing up in Northern California and studying modern painting. Using an excitingly variety of fabrics such as silk jersey, nylon parachute material and merino wool, Angelos Frentzos has crafted a collection that consists of striking garments that range from edgy bomber jackets, wearable t-shirts, jumpers, mid-calf skimming shorts and voluminous trousers that all have a distinctly urban feel. There’s a young and fresh feel to this collection - these are clothes for the fashion forward, not the faint hearted.


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